Wednesday, August 29, 2012


August here on Waverly Lane has been hot, humid, stormy, and rainy - all conditions favoring the growth of nature's selected grasses, weeds, native seedling trees - everything but what you planted in June, which is shoulder-deep in thick masses of unwanted wild growth.

In order to keep pace with the green invasion, Husband and I set out on our personal lawn-mowing equipment:  the Cub Cadet (me), and the Toro Zero Turn (Husband).  He sits proudly ensconced between his steering levers as a king on a throne holding two scepters, while I sally forth on the "regular guy" Cub Cadet.  I notice a "sound" coming from my mower deck and get taken to task for mowing too close and bending something.  After his stern lecture, in which he belittles my competency and also defames my noble vehicle as a piece of "*#@!," we resume our work.

After an interval, I notice Husband is on foot beckoning me over and preparing for censure, I conclude I've done something else wrong.  This time, however, he is unusually smiling and pleasant as he asks me to pull him out of the deep ditch that outlines our side of Waverly Lane.  On arriving it was obvious Husband had tried gambling another dangerous edge and lost.

An Unusually Pleasant Husband 
Being Rescued While Wearing
His Biblical Slogan Tee Shirt

We hooked the Cub Cadet to the Zero Turn, in spite of their previous animosities (see and go on with our mowing.

After the lawn is trimmed and beautiful, there was gratitude, and conciliation, and a little tear or two from the wind heron, who was overcome by humidity.

Zero Turn:
"Thanks for Pulling Me Out and You're Not a Piece of #@*!"
Cub Cadet:  "You're OK, if no one else is available."

(Sniff, blubber) "If Only a Group Hug Were Possible!"


  1. I am laughing .. I could sense that a group hug wasnt in the cards ... love the Husband's t-shirt ....

    1. They had that made special down at the "pink feather" workshop garage/calendar girl museum. It's so nice when we all get along. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Iced tea may or may not have cometh out my nostrils.

    Hope you are doing okay. xoxoxox

  3. Maybe you should have a race down the road to see who has the best road gear. Also, whatever you do, keep him away from the dock!

  4. MM, are you sure it was iced tea? I'm OK for now.

    DGH, a race would be nice if we had an honest judge. With Husband, I never win anything.

    He does a courtesy circle on the dock after each occasion for mild celebration and the beat goes on.....(as Sonny and Cher Bono sang). How the paper will handle this if he goes overboard, I do not know. I should work on both our obits.

  5. I want one of those biblical t-shirts for Christmas, please.

    Thank you.

  6. In your photo, CB Father is the paragon of dignity (prior to the ditch incident) in his T shirt. I cannot imagine him wearing a "S *** Happens" Tee instead of the one he is rocking... I am unnerved to read that he is repeating his feats of daring on the dock whenever he can. Maybe he will outgrow it, W.O.W.

  7. My mother told me when we got married that he was too immature for me. And he never changed. We have to ignore him since he does it for attention.

  8. When I was a teenager, I used to mow a couple of acres of grass on a riding mower (a Wheel Horse I think?). Or at least it seemed like a couple of acres... it was a lot, the job took several hours. Oh, how I would have loved to have had a wide-deck zero turn machine!