Saturday, January 31, 2015


I never know, the way I go is right,
I need to have some other eyes
See with me, agree with me, 
Meet in a glance of mutual delight

Nellie Strigle and Carl Douglas, her nephew, play in a wagon

Nellie (16) holds her niece (me)

A single working girl at Langley Air Base in Hampton, Va

Just married to first husband Al Berger

Their first daughter, Linda Nell

Second Husband, but first boyfriend, Bill Braxton

Our sweet beautiful Nellie has Alzheimer's and will not be coming home from skilled care. Her love, Bill is crushed.  He e-mailed me that he loves and misses her so much.  His health has taken a dive and he requires a stint and age 99.  Nellie will be 90 in the spring if things go well.  She has had a long life filled with everything, some of it tragic.  Even so she could express warm love and friendship to everyone she met.  She knew this was coming and tried urgently to keep in touch with her nieces and nephews.  She deserves the best Heaven has to offer.  I know how much she loves her children, grandchildren and both Al and Bill.  They should never ever doubt that!  She has other eyes.