Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today is Husband's 73rd birthday, commemorating the day his mother gave a mighty heave and brought forth the light of my life; or at least the flashlight, since he is portable in every sense of the word, on the go most of the time.

He was born with a congenital heart defect which required major heart surgery in the 50's, when heart surgery was a rare occasion.  All his life with me he felt lucky to be living and never anticipated to be 73. Happily he is, and will probably outlive me!

Husband around the time of his heart repair

We have endured each other for 50 years of our lives and now help each other up after falls and swear to mutually deny any accusation of senility or incapacity on our respective parts.  God forbid that anyone should discover that we belong in a "home."

It is his day today and we'll be attending a collective birthday party for people in his high school class who are born in January.  There will be soups, salads, and birthday cake.  Yum

Snapshot of last year's party with everyone in aprons
including Husband

Since it is extremely cold here, we will be bundled up tonight like Eskimos and praying we don't slip on the ice and break an elderly bone.  Wherever you are, remember to toast Husband and have a merry time!

Husband and Leo the cat "watching TV."