Friday, January 29, 2016


On Wednesday morning, Husband rushed me to go to the store for necessities before he went on his truck-driving mission for that day.  We were leaving Food Lion and putting groceries in the car, leaving Husband to put away the cart.  I got in the passenger front seat and heard him calling my name urgently.  Looking back, I spied two legs flailing and none of the rest of Husband.  I got out and rushed to help him up and tend to his injuries along with two young men who saw it all.  They were very helpful and advised he ice everything, these competent helpers who were not born when I got my last paycheck.

He had lost his balance stepping off a curb and crashed to pavement on his 75-year-old knee, then his 75-year-old forehead.

He refused to see a doctor, and insisted on driving the truck that day, a consequence of his 75-year-old stubborn streak.

Husband and I without the damages of 50 + years of marriage.