Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday out of the blue, a female Canada Goose made herself at home in Gustav's fenced yard next to our house here on Waverly Lane.  He was euphoric and going through his list of "How to Please a Lady" tricks, which is extensive.  I kept a watchful eye to be sure she didn't tempt him to escape to the icy waters of Queen's Creek, which his white goose genes haven't adequately equipped him to survive if met by a predator.  He can't fly like his Canadian cousins.

Gustav Shows the Lady Around

They spent the day digging roots, eating chicken feed, drinking water, and taking naps in the sunshine.  Until I looked and he was missing, though she was still there unperturbed.  Panicking, I searched every inch  of fenced yard and shoreline, in case he had felt the call to wander.  No sign of him.  I searched the neighboring shorelines and scanned the distance for his white outline.  Then I went back to his fenced yard to see if I overlooked anything.  I noticed one of his plastic swimming pools upside down.  When I flipped it over, up rose Gustav from his dark confines.

Gustav Celebrates Being Liberated from His Pool Prison (behind him)

I surmised that in his eagerness to show off his equipment to the new lady, he planted a heavy webbed foot on the pool's rim and, being empty, it flipped over and cost him an embarrassing moment and a few minus points on the Love Scale with the lovely bird from the North.  To be sure, Gustav is not a gifted thinker, and so he accepted his fate and sat patiently in the dark waiting for a miracle, which I was happy and relieved to provide.  When darkness fell the two were enjoying mutual company.

 Valentines Day Comes Early for Gustav

Surprisingly, this morning the lady friend had departed leaving him only a memory.  Evidently it was only a one-night stand.  For a while he was upset, blaming himself for appearing klutzy with the swimming pool; but you can't keep a good goose down for long.  Still time before Valentines Day!

After All, There Are Lots of Fish in the Sea!


  1. Oh, what a great story! I love it. The swimming pool fiasco was hilarious, poor Gustav.

  2. which just proves my point...all men are jerks...but I'm keeping MY jerk...poor Gustav, thinking he was so cool and whatnot...

    I want the juicy "mutual company" can we assume that Gustav got some? Somethings are better left to the imagination!

  3. He was working out the logistics, but didn't get the opportunity I would guess, being under the pool and all. But then, who knows? The lady has her season, which doesn't begin quite yet; men don't usually concern themselves with such details though.

    Let's assume "yes."

  4. LOL! Hurray for Gustav! Poor fellow, being clutzy and all...but he surely will nab another love interest very soon as handsome as he is! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I am sure he was hoping she would uncover him .. perhaps they were playing a courting game ... Poor Gustav

  6. Wonderful! You are a gifted storyteller, Miss Maryanne. Read this aloud to my daughters, who remember Gustav well, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!

  7. You dare to doubt my prowess in the boudoir? Of course, I would never hisssssssss and tell. Savages.

  8. O.
    The story. And now the comments.

    Hiss and tell is pure genius. We need t-shirts.

  9. Would make a great T-shirt; but a mixed metaphor with the crab hat.

    How about: "I fell in love and I just don't know what 'came over me'!! (The pool, get it?)

    This is so much fun!

  10. I think we need to chip in and get him a lady friend to keep. Because, you need a little more to do and all....

  11. Hahahahaha..I wish someone had attempted to "show me their equipment" on Valentine's Day, but no such luck. You go Gustav!


    Baby Sis

  12. Leave it to Baby Sis to focus on the equipment part of this story.

    But, as long as we're on the subject, I had no such luck either.

  13. I love it! Glad you found Gustav was able to "feel alive" just in time for Valentine's Day!

    Middle Sis

  14. Hiss and Tell...!
    I could send a selection of lady friends south for Gustav, if you like? As long as foreigners are acceptable to him, of course.