Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Events of recent days have unearthed old feelings, deliberately buried, remnants of the natural abhorrence of the bridle of second-class personhood jammed into our mouths by those who sought to prepare us for our role of woman in society:  a surrender to what the Bible reinforces in many ways, a sad acceptance of being born a disappointment and a constant call for atonement for our prenatal sin and shortcoming.

These instinctive reactions can't be extinguished or moderated after cooking, under fuming pressure, for so many years.  So when a gentleman casually mentions on public media that birth control in his day was cheap:  "...a gal put an aspirin between her knees...,"  well that is where the rip cord gets yanked and the parachute from Hell deploys.  How vulgar a reminder of how inherently a "piece of meat" a woman is regarded.  And how lascivious an old wag the speaker of such stomach-churning opinion must be.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor, Mother God
Dear Daughters, You Are A Full Person

 Andrea Mitchell should have been wheeled off by paramedics if looks are any clue to her reaction.  When she resumed her interview, she might have suggested he should put his Viagra between his knees and enjoy the ride.

When I was a child, I was told little boys and little girls played by different rules.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because they do," I was informed.  That was the end of my understanding.  As a teen, an atmosphere developed around me which, as far as males were concerned, forecast every day as Sunday and me as the chicken.  I was never comfortable with being the main course of a man's lust.

Every Woman Is Strong, Sweet and Capable

Any way you view it, Underdog should be Woman's mascot.  Not only have we been short-changed, tainted as sin-inducing temptresses, we are the ones left high and dry in the unintended pregnancy dilemma, and birth control is being discussed as somehow wrong.  We have come a long way, Baby?

War on women, is that what you want?  In the words of Dirty Harry, "C'mon...Make my day!"  I'll just vote for the candidate with healthier opinions of women.  I'll just vote to keep the government out of my underwear.  I'll just vote for a candidate who trusts me to make my own moral decisions, which can only be superior to that of the average politician.


  1. Hooray! That's tellin' 'em!
    I have to admit (and I hate to admit it) there's just the teeny-tiniest little part of me that wishes I were a sin-inducing temptress now.
    My husband (don't tell anyone I told you this) had a medical test last week and acted like a total wuss afterward. I swear, I'd rather be a temptress than a nursemaid.
    Well, no, it would involve a great deal of waxing, dyeing, and makeup, not to mention dieting, etc., so I can't be bothered.
    As for nursing, I told my husband to write down and remember how he felt the evening after the test (oooh, I'm cold; oooh, I'm dizzy and my hands are shaking; oooh, I have to lie down) and remember I feel like that every day of my life.
    I'm so bad. I'll bet those aspirin-between-the-knees guys would be all in favor of wives who say "there, there, poor baby, just relax and put your head on my chest, and I'll make you feel better"!
    No, we don't seem to have come a long way, baby, atallatall.

  2. I'm with you 100%, Sister Warrior! You express much more eloquently than I ever could, the anger and disgust, simmering below the surface that can erupt volcanically when some idiot, politician or other, shows that he is still mired in gender wars that should have died out when the battles were won.

  3. I could not believe my ears last week. What a bunch of dumb asses. If men had the babies, abortion would be a sacrament in the church.

  4. K: Don't forget, the temptress has to keep the aspirin between her knees.

    After all abstinence makes the heart grow fonder, or does it?

    The truth is: Men just don't get it. String theory they get, but the opposite sex...total enigma.

    1. That is a fabulous post... the birth of a great slogan; great for a t shirt :
      "Keep your Government Out of My Underwear"

      When I marched for women's rights decades ago, I could imagine backslides, but could not have imagined the idiocy surfacing now.

  5. A good friend the other day said that it was like we were invaded by brain sucking aliens. That's how I feel...like the whole cussing state of Vaginia has been subject to space invaders from another planet...invasion of the brain snatchers...where sanity is a luxury and unhinged the new normal. Idiots-- all of them. What makes me even more irrate is that there are women who actually think the transvaginal probe is "the loving thing to do."

  6. great post! So glad I stopped by, I couldn't agree with your or your commentors more. We have taken a huge step in the wrong direction. Lord help us.

  7. "The truth is: Men just don't get it. String theory they get, but the opposite sex...total enigma." You are right on sister!! You know why cause they fear us, they don't like a strong woman that can speak her mind! I swear sometimes I think it is us against them. I really don't have time for such games though. Just like the song says...It's a man's world...NOT!

    I am a strong believer of equality. If I can work so can the next person, I am tired of the government giving all these handouts to people that are capable of earning a living. This country is going to hell in a hand-basket if something isn't done...please chose wisely in 2012...
    so sorry for my rant, but it feels good to get it off my chest!!!stepping off of soap box now

  8. YOU GO, GIRL!!!! I don't think I could have said it any better. Men are such ignoramuses! Especially politicians! Thinking they are better. Thinking women are weak and they belong in the home to clean their house, do their laundry, and cook their food. Then they go out and live a double standard. They just can't keep their ----- in their britches!

  9. I recommend Maureen Dowd's latest column ..