Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THE OTHER SIDE (She Gets All Philosophical)

After we reach a certain age in life, we wonder about our eventual (or not so eventual) disposition.  I tend to step "out of the box" so often that I entirely disappear on occasion, invisible and silent - like someone dead.  Now that I have lifted spirits with that blissful imagery, I must assert that my brain doesn't have a parking space for the concept of 'beginning."  While I began at conception, I was also present in the two cells that merged to make me.  By logical thinking, the potential "me" resided in many living cells before my time.  Pull that perspective back to all of humanity, and we are collectively carriers of all humans who have ever been and who will ever be.  So why are we so hateful to each other?

A Picture of Me Lost in the Big Blue Sky Realm

If beginnings are unfathomable, then endings are equally confounding.  To die, to end, to be extinguished in a flash of violence, or an eternity of diseased agony, seems a harsh price for the so-called beginning we experience and our mostly uneventful lives of varying length.  So, what of Heaven? 

When as a child I asked adults about the particulars of heaven, they featured a morosely insipid place where we had beautiful new bodies, sang hymns (on key unlike church), and praised God endlessly.  No trouble, no evil, no pain, no hunger, just low-key merriment in moderation (I concluded).  That might be fine and a preferable alternative to Hell, the infinite damnation and suffering place.  No pretty, no happy, no food, just Medieval torture.

A Picture of Me Lost in the Beauty of Sunrise Realm

Really?  Those are the options?  Then I choose the "no pain, no trouble" place, I guess.  The "it feels so good when it stops hurting" reasoning applies.  More importantly, looking forward to afterlife is waiting for something vaguely veiled in fog, while life (the ultimate gift) spills out of our container and true Heaven, ours to make, evaporates.  LIVE!

A Picture of Me Lost in Big Red Wild Trumpets


  1. Well said. Sometimes people (I) need to be reminded to just focus on life. Not to say I'm obsessed with dying, but with worrying over trivial things that sometimes get in the way of life's joys. And a side note, the Brat Child thinks Heaven has McDonald's where you don't have to pay money and can eat all you want for free.

  2. Why not! And beautiful nature, and symphonic music, and all you can eat buffets!

  3. Beautiful and well put. There is so much life that gets missed when we choose hate instead of love!

  4. You are so right. Many people forget to live each moment as it comes. There is an expression about having one foot in tomorrow and one in yesterday that comes to mind, but I won't repeat it here.
    Whether sky, sunrise, flowers, fascinating people or productive work, we should just enjoy what we have when we have it.
    Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate it.

  5. I can only guess what's in "today" with that image!

    I really need to take my own advice sometimes!

  6. Interesting thoughts .. and oddly enough I was thinking similar thoughts the other morning .. would something happen suddenly or would I linger and what would it be like when it was done .. all dark no thoughts no nothing or would it be an endless dream ... or maybe this is the endless dream ..

  7. Ahhhhh. After the month I've just lived, I can attest to this. I miss you and your beautiful face....

  8. I love the last two sentences of the first paragraph...its nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice...

    I am reading 90 Minuets in Heaven by Don Piper and Cecil Murphy...Don's experience of his 90 minute experience in Heaven is really special. It just reaffirms what we all hoped for and that is, that we will see our departed love one's once more. What an inspirational book.

    I have never been afraid to die, since our Dad died at such and early age (him and I) I just thought that it would not be so bad at least I could be with him again. Heaven is real, the Bible says so, and I for one Believe!

  9. Maria, you are totally right. And if you're not, who's going to notice?

  10. Thank you, I needed this today. Beautifully stated.

  11. What a beautiful writer you are. When my sweet hubby and I married on Fri 13th , you had been married 3 years. I love the way you love life.