Sunday, January 8, 2012


Age 70, the threshold of death decade, brings the joys of snaggled and yellowing dentition, thinning hair, worn-out joints, and last (but not least) mental acuity strapped to a time bomb.  Tick-toc, tick-toc, bam! - where did I put that darn (you fill in the blank).  I am putting off the day when I greet Husband by saying, "Hello there, do I know you?; and we won't be role playing in the bedroom!

Me Practicing Being 70
How Can We Improve This Condition?

Husband is devious about his own disintegration, preferring to claim his life-long prettiness is constant and unchanging.  In his own mind, he was present at the Creation, if you get my drift.  He did however put his shoes on the wrong feet (slipped them on in the dark) and walk boldly into a restaurant;  and nearly ran over himself with his pickup (forgot to take it out of gear).  

Husband  Hard at Work

I believe we are one age eternally, and we get to choose that age.  Realizing this is a strange belief, I am determined to cover all the mirrors in my kingdom with black cloth and be "16" until this show ends.  Any other scenario involving honesty and acceptance is a downhill hot-coal slalom into Hell, a rapid oxidation of ego.  

While I delude myself, I relentlessly deny all signs of aging.  I hitch my plow to the imagination of Lewis Carrol and cultivate the fertile ground of quantum make-believe in Wonderland, along with Alice, all without expensive cosmetic surgery!  Win, win!

Me AKA "The Unknown Blogger"
"Off With Her Head!" Said the Queen of Hearts


  1. CBW mama you look mavahlas dahlink! no really, you do...I can only hope to look that good at 70...

  2. And I only had to take 400 pictures to get a presentable one! My camera refuses to join me in my 16-year-old thing!

  3. Age is relative .. I say give up birthdays, celebrate anniversaries and know that if you stood with your 3 gorgeous daughters you'd look like their sister not their mama!

  4. Trust me, she does look like our sister, either that or I look 70, because people confuse us all the time.

    You look fabulous and I can only hope to have your youthful looks, vim and vigor when I'm That Age.

  5. You are beautiful. Now take that bag off!

  6. I think you look better without the paper bag, too. You have no need for it at all.
    My mental image of myself is double what yours is. In my mind I'm 32, when younger men were practically chasing me around the block. One of them phoned me today (haven't seen him in 30 years) looking for wisdom and advice. I guess I'm not 16 OR 32 any more.
    Whatever you're doing, keep it up, it sure seems to be working.

  7. Take care that "wisdom" is platonic and he doesn't ask if you're wearing underwear! Just a little caution.

  8. I loved this post and also Frank and computer at home has been acting up and won't let me comment on anything at the moment, including my own blog (I really think it is just blogger messing with my head). Thank you so much for being part of the dialogue over there. :o) I wrote a reply as a blog last night and it was gone by dawn. I can make things, I'll be opening the Violet's Vanishings in the shed out back and we can all leave our wrinkles there. You're beautiful!