Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Last night Husband went to see the family and friends of a former member of his band, who just passed away.  As he had me turn down his collar and button his shirt, I couldn't help noticing the back of his undershirt showed through his dress shirt.  When he turned around, his shirt proudly displayed a Jolly Roger emblem, pretty avant-garde for a funeral thing.  "Not to worry," he reassured me. "I won't take off my jacket."  "That's good," I rejoiced, "the last thing grieving people will be expecting is an assault by pirates; however it won't prevent that necktie from overpowering your whole life."  Apparently it was one left over from the 70's, when ties were HUGE and LOUD.  I think Emmet Kelly wore one like it when he was with Ringling Brothers. All he needed was the over-sized shoes to complete the ensemble.   Obviously finding anything but jeans and t-shirts is difficult at our house.

Given this choice, I chose the lower one.  How was I
to know the knot would be bigger than
a softball?

As he toddled off both sad and sadly-dressed to say a final goodbye to his old friend, it was a relief to know his band buddy would miss his fashion faux pas.  This now deceased friend had once taken a spill on his motorcycle and kept the crease in his jeans.  On the other hand he might have enjoyed his dress-challenged pal.

We walk around like this all the time.  There ought to be a law.


  1. That last picture speaks volumes. Also, the only thing missing to make it American Gothic is the pitchfork. (I was sorry to see where Winfred C. had passed away. I discovered in the obituary that he is related by marriage to someone I work with.)

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one whose wardrobe consists of jeans and T-shirts. Luckily working in manufacturing, I don't have to have fancy clothes. If I do need to dress, I'm in BIG trouble!

    Sorry for Husband's loss.

    1. Thanks for commenting. We found out tonight that another band buddy passed away a year ago. He was a bit inconsolable.