Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Since I was a child, animals were my solace.  As a small child I sought comfort from our brown and white setter "Dot."  Pictures of him by my mother and I are below.

Dot, My Mother, and I
(at Flat Iron)

As long as I can remember, there was an animal in my life.  Sometimes that animal was my only friend, being an only child.  They all had names, including the skunk, Sweet William.  I didn't grow up to be a veterinarian or anything, but I have a powerful connection with animals...even our cow, Nancy.  I have a suspicion that birds have far greater intelligence than we credit them in spite of the fact that their brains are small.  Since when does small mean incapable?  Seen those hand-held computers lately?

A squirrel sits on my knee.  (1960's)

Deer feed on grain from my hand.  (1960's)

Still my greatest love.  (1960's)   


  1. A skunk named Sweet William? That smells like another blog post to me. You could include the skunk-in-the-jar incident.

  2. you were/are indeed an animal whisperer .... and looking stunningly turned out while you did it!

  3. I forgot to mention: Walking through a small zoo in FL, I got ahead of Husband and heard someone say, "Want to talk to Sam." (Husband's name) I turned around and was facing a Myna bird, who continued to call "Sam." Husband came and was amazed, "How'd you know my name?"

  4. All I have now are 2 cats, but I can't imagine my life without animals in it.

  5. The original [insert critter here] whisperer!