Monday, October 15, 2012


On Saturday, as I lay resting on the sofa, a familiar face appeared at the window.  It was my only surviving aunt and her husband Bill.  There is no better news than the sight of them looking so well and happy.

Nellie Pearl Strigle Berger Braxton and LtCol Leon E. (Bill) Braxton

She at 86 and he at 95 motored up from their home in Tampa, FL, to visit relatives and friends along the way, their ultimate destination in Pennsylvania.  They recently relocated to a small rental home on an island off Tampa, finding retirement community living too full of "old people."  I think that was the right decision.  

Bill has just written his third book in partnership with a friend, "Birth of a Legend, The Bomber Mafia and the Y1B-17."  He was a flyer in World War II and kept friends with his whole crew, some of whom lived near us.  The book is a comprehensive account of the bombers of that era and the pioneers of aviation who contributed so much to the building of today's air force.  It is so interesting to be able to hear accounts of his experiences 70 years ago which began at Langley Field, Virginia, just a few miles from us.

The Cover of the Book Bill co-wrote with CAPT Arthur H. Wagner USCG (Ret)
This book may be ordered online at
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It was so great to see them.

And so hard to say goodbye.


  1. These two only seem to get younger every time they visit. What an inspiration they are.

  2. Clearly CBW gets her writing genes from you and her uncle-in-law

  3. Your daughter took the words right out of my mouth: inspiration. What treasures.

  4. Aren't they dear...they look fantastic...
    isn't love grand, they look so much in love

    I heard you are not feeling well, please take care of yourself and feel better


  5. Thanks and thanks for joining us in our visit with Nellie and Bill!!

  6. What a wonderful surprise! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

    I just read in CBW's blog that you are not feeling too perky. Sending you prayers and hope you are better soon.

  7. Bless their hearts, and bless yours, too, CB Mama.