Monday, September 10, 2012


This morning is glorious.  The air is cool, clean and filled with the bright golden hope of autumn days to come.

The View Out My Back Door

I saw on Waverly Lane the wild flowers my mother-in-law so loved and went and photographed them in her memory.  She had tiny little vases on her kitchen window sill filled with the likes of what I saw growing.

When it comes to beauty, Nature has no equal.

Blues shimmering in the morning sun remind me of 
Husband's mother, who wore the color so well.

Before her death, her son John (who died in 1984) planted this Rose of Sharon Hibiscus at the edge of our yard on Waverly Lane.

A beautiful Reminder of Those Now Gone

Plants are preparing to replace themselves by producing seeds in great quantity, and preparing for the long winter's nap to come.

The Magnolia Tree with Seeds for New Trees


  1. now i finally get it .. sometimes i see that shrub/plant called rose of sharon and other times its called hibiscus .. so i guess its a two-fer .. and now i am not confused ... lets see if i can get past the WV which seems to dislike me enough to block me from commenting on ALL blogs using this ..

  2. I love this time of year. Bright sunny warm days, and cool crisp nights with stars so bright that they look so close that you could reach right up there and touch them.

    Several years ago a good friend gave me a small lilac bush that he started from one in his yard. It bloomed for the first time this year in deep purple. I've saved some of the seeds to see if I can grow some more.

  3. I see I need to give Daryl another horticulture lesson. Love this post. As usual;)

  4. NNG: Whas up ? Have a good summer? You and Hubby doing OK? Chickens laying yet?

    Daryl: Did you get any pictures during 9/11? I thought of you watching a documentary which included a picture of a water tower.

    DGH: Lilacs grow wide, so you can get a rooting of the added growth by digging/pulling up a piece with root attached and have a whole new plant! Seeds should be interesting too.

    MPM: How's the new homeplace? Isn't getting to start all over nice?

  5. I knew you could start a new plant from root cuttings, but mine isn't big enough yet. I just noticed it setting seeds one day and waited until they turned brown and started falling. I'll let you know how it turns out. I also have some paw-paw seeds that I've had for probably too long, but I haven't seen any paw-paw trees around here so have been afraid to start them.

  6. I remember picking Queen Anne's Lace (wild carrots) when I was a girl and bringing them inside to place in vases. sometimes we would put a drop or two of food coloring in the water and watch the white flower change colors. I knew they were "weeds" but I thought they were beautiful. You don't see them around where I live now. One time after I'd grown up and moved away from home, I saw them in a wedding bouquet, and snicked to myself that the bride had included "weeds" in her floral arrangements, but they were beautiful all the same. And probably cost effective, too!