Friday, June 29, 2012


Blessings are reality interpreted as kind advantage.  Our need to express thanks for our fortunes and existence gave birth to religion.  To use that conduit to infinity as a cruel weapon is the antithesis of praise; it defames religion, but is so like humans at their basest.

Growing on Waverly Lane
My Iris

Shame, disgrace, financial ruin, ill health and death should never be considered as deserved; neither should the smugly righteous be congratulating themselves that they avoided such fate.  The Germans have a term for this, "schadenfreude," which means "your misfortune is my enjoyment."  That is the root of gossip, the passing on of damning tales of others' misbehavior or misfortune.  The teller feels somehow comforted in his moral superiority.

Growing Wild on Waverly Lane
Queen Anne's Lace

I always feel somewhat sad upon having to hear these tales.  As John Donne wrote, "...each man's death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind..."  I include grief or misfortune along with "death."  I guess, as the TV talk righties would say, I'm just a pinhead.  So may it ever be (amen).

Our Front Field of Wild Flowers on Waverly Lane


  1. You are not a pinhead. You are very wise. I agree, religion should consist of gratitude and, for those who have attained wealth, generosity. Never should religion be used as an excuse for smugness, superiority, grandiosity, or the like.
    I am not a Catholic, but I love to think of Mother Teresa.

  2. She was truly great and I hope they make her a saint. She had her doubts and that made her greater.

    I do have a little head (compared to the rest of me!)

  3. It seems I have discovered a treasure. For the last hour I have enjoyed reading the journey that is "Growing Wild on Waverly Lane".

    I hope you don't mind if I stop by to read from time to time.


  4. Good thoughts expressed spread hopefully as rapidly as gossip does ..

  5. Beautiful. The words and the flowers. xoxo