Friday, March 23, 2012


The Governor of Virginia should go back to Regent University, Pat  Robertson's haven of zealous fundamentalists, and learn how to deal with the "outside world"  That goody-two shoes, holier than thou veneer usually covers an individual who is among the first to be found face-down in the soft pelt of a lost soul at a brothel, a la "Elmer Gantry," Sinclair Lewis's velcro-souled preacher.  (Shirley Jones was awesome in the movie.)  This is all conjecture on my part, which usually precedes history, but I believe in reading signs.

   From the files of The Daily Press
The Face of Fundamentalism, Governor Bob McDonnell
(who evidently believes all women should have all offspring they conceive through their original sin)

We ladies have our weaknesses too.  I freely admit to sacrificing my potential (whatever it was) on the altar of matrimony.  Attending church, I realized my reward every Mother's Day, when I was recognized along with every other adult woman in the congregation, by standing.   Sort of a reverse "Red Letter A" tribute to doing God's will, it always felt like I was an anti- "Hester Prynne," Nathaniel Hawthorne's tramp-stamped protagonist of old.  Though I haven't been to church for years, I'm certain they all get their stand-up exaltation on their designated national holiday.

I hope I don't sound surrendered to the poisonous venom of a disappointed life, but I guess I maybe, kind of, am.  Being called out of the water at water's edge, this swimmer resents never leaving the inner tube of security for a free swim; and now to see the tide ebbing for women, nationwide, evaporates my conviction that America, sanctuary for people seeking freedom, equality, and opportunity, is anything but a stag party.

From "Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us"
The First Eviction:  Somebody's Going to Get Blamed.

The remedy for hopelessness is effort.  Do something.  Speak up.  Reason diffuses anger, if anger doesn't annihilate it first.  Vote for a man, which is your only choice usually, who might possibly protect your equality as a human being, and I sincerely hope you can find one.


  1. I sincerely hope we can find them, too. Canadian politicians have been studying at the American trough a la both Bushes, and we find our country retreating into the dark ages, too. Our prime minister wants to build more prisons for (get this) the perpetrators of "unsolved crimes". Apparently he thinks they're going to volunteer, along with others who have committed "unreported crimes". Huh?
    And Canadians are only just recently beginning to realize the man is stark raving mad, as well as mean, nasty, selfish and a misogynist.

  2. I can't believe we are having this parallel undoing of our respective democracies. Ours, of course is a result of the rich ransacking the treasury by creating a war on false premises and funneling money into their favorite corporations; as well as siezing control of the courts. I don't have much longer to be here, but I feel sorry for my grandchildren who will probably deal with it.

    I guess that lets out my fleeing to Canada! Ha Ha.

  3. Oh, how I miss Tim Kaine.

    Thank you for this.

    You should be writing for a major publication, honestly.

  4. I can't believe that we have come this far only to be taken back without even a whimper. What happened to us? Yeah, vote for a's not like there is another choice...*sigh*

    1. I am still here. Where are you? Wondering what is right am I, but knowing that we need to do is endear ourselves to people who have been conned. I am doing that on Facebook.

  5. What CBW said...beautiful and poignant. Just like you.

  6. I too had been hoping that Canada would not fall prey to the mindset & machinations on this side of the border...but was not optimistic.
    Stag party !! That is exactly what it is---financed by the tax payers, women shipped in for "entertainment".
    I am barely tethered to faint hope here on the USS California, because I am impressed by our congresswomen Barbara Lee and Jackie Speier; thank the Gods for their fearless tenacity.

  7. Good for you LLC. I'm stuck here in Pilgrimtown where women don't usually wind up in public office. We have never had a woman governor, and if we did, she'd be a Sarah Palin sort. Packing a pistol, pounding a Bible, and hating Gloria Steinem.

  8. CB Mama, I'd certainly vote for you if you were on a ticket !! Maybe someone should run on a Lilith platform, LOL...

  9. Oh God! I would never pass the sniff test; too many skeletons in my closet. Tar and feathers would be my platform. I once smoked pot! Where is my rosary?

  10. you need to submit this to the op ed page of whatever newspaper has the largest circulation .. or even better .. send it to the NY Times ..