Sunday, March 18, 2012


Thankfully, Husband, seeing my over-involvement with the credible UFO tales on H2 channel, has downgraded our DTV package to save money and steer me toward more constructive pursuits, such as dish washing, floor sweeping, toilet scouring, etc. - all the things I dreamed of doing when I was a young girl.

Husband Pulls me in the Garden Trailer to Clear My Head

Perhaps he has a watchful eye on my fragile sanity as well.  One probably never realizes the intermediary between "sane" and "off to the home."  That transition may well be like going bald, getting gray hair, or becoming an adult. Contrived of nebulous stages that alter so slowly until one seamless reality emerges with gongs and sirens and screams of "Oh no!  I can't believe this happened:  where is my precious yesterday."

 Along with the expected deterioration are the persuasive documentaries of unidentified aircraft appearing world-wide and no explanations of their seeming abilities.  Most of these are undoubtedly explainable.  Some just aren't.  It is the latter which stimulates my imagination most.

A UFO Over my Garden (Really) 

Columbus is reputed to have journaled a UFO.  He was freaked; so we should respect that.  Flying vehicles are cited in the Bible, in art, in cave drawings, etc.  While this is all human interpretation of phenomena, still it is there.

Not long ago, the Pope issued some planning-ahead acceptance of the possibility of alien life. What are they doing here?   My own guess is gardening.  Since my head is in the cabbage patch anyway, why not?  Perhaps the creation story is not that far off.  Creating an environment on a good candidate planet would be feasible, and seeding that environment would require TLC over eons, hence the many sightings over time.

Earth's Daffodil Garden (Mrs. Backhouse Variety)

Or the lizard creatures from the planet Faroff are here to exterminate humans and make earth their retirement planet.  Steven Hawking (the famous theoretical physicist) thinks aliens would not be friendly, and chances are he's right, if they are anything like us.

Did I mention Baby Sis and I both dreamed a flying saucer landed in the back yard, ON THE SAME NIGHT!!?  Top that.  We were not abducted, though we are open to that only if no transvaginal probes are involved.

Baby Sis Picks Daffodils with Her Grandfather
(About the time of her strange dream)

My advice:  If you come upon a UFO on the ground and not in your dreams, don't touch it.  Just run and get the geiger counter to see if it is radioactive.  I am lucky to have one in the attic from WWII.  I can't say for certain that it works, it would likely need batteries or possibly jumper cables; however, it pays to be prepared.


  1. please don't laugh, and don't think I am crazy, but I saw one, I will go to my deathbed with my hand over my heart, hand raised to the Dearest Lawd and swearing on a stack of bibles that I saw one, I really did...twice!

  2. Well give, girl. Details. Did they probe ya? I have never seen one, or a ghost. I keep on hoping though.

    It would be almost impossible for there NOT to be alien life in the universe. Like cobwebs in the living room, there's got to be lots.

  3. Like cobwebs in the living room. I can relate to that.
    Well, I grew up near a lake that's reputed to have its own Loch Ness type of monster in it, and I am sure I saw it. Nobody believes me, so I'm sure no one would believe my tales of UFOs, either.
    Loved this post, though. Made me smile, and that's alway a good thing for anyone in that transition zone on the way to The Place.

  4. Saw a ghost too, well maybe not a ghost per se but had a phenomenon that could not be any other thing...In fact it happened last week when I was at my Mom's house getting ready for the estate sale...I had just come down the stairs and was standing at the sink in the kitchen washing my hands, there were 5 people at the house and 2 of the 5 were outside, all the others I knew where they were in the house, so anywho I'm standing at the sink and Mom had this little wind chime that she had on the back door, I hear the door slam and the chime going, now I think someone has just come in, so I yell "who is it?" (mom's back door is just down a little hall) no answer. So I go down the hall and the chime on the closed back door is a swing away. I looked out the back porch to see if anyone was there and no one was there, I know it was a spirit, probably Mom seeing what were are doing to all of her possessions, I hope she is OK with everything...I saw her guardian angel too, but that story always makes me cry...

  5. I'll have to do a blog on my mother's ghost stories. They were windchime worthy.

    I saw my father everywhere after he died, more than I did when he was alive. Still it may have been my wanting to see him.

    Aunt Viola had a real pip of a ghost story that I should probably keep to myself. But it was definitely a big fish story, so to speak.

  6. Love these comments as much as the post today! Maria, I have a feeling your mom was communicating with you the best way she could; she probably understood how tough it was for you to go through her house & belongings.

    I stayed once in a house where a ghost pulled the covers down off my shoulder--found out next day the guests usually refused to stay in that room.
    I fell off my chair laughing at the caption of your husband pulling you around the yard with the tractor, Waverly Wild woman! Nice UFO theories..of course 'They' are gardening !!
    Kay Davies--I am guessing you grew up near Ogopogo's lake? Okanogan area is my fantasy retirement place..I am too gutless to grow old in the heartless US political climate..and that looks to be a beautiful part of BC !

  7. I love ghosts and ghosts stories ... the basement of the building we live in is haunted .. and its not a good/nice spirit ..

    After my mom passed 11 yrs ago my husband was in our kitchen waiting for the teapot to whistle .. he turned around and there was my mother in her housecoat watching him .. he said he looked at her, she smiled, he blinked and she was gone ...

  8. I have never seen a UFO. But I have seen a ghost. And the probing? I think your guvnah may be making some progress, no?