Wednesday, September 14, 2011


(The bible I carried down the aisle)

We were married the Saturday after Friday the 13th, 1963, and as if that weren't bad omen enough, husband's brother had a freak fender-bender the day before (or was it a freak who had a car accident?).  Though uninjured, Brother-in-Law - who wasn't planning on attending the wedding - nevertheless required Father-in-Law to skip the affair as a special favor to him.  Father-in-Law was all too obliging, as Mother-in-law, though relatively unconcerned about the accident, took special care to choose a wedding-appropriate "Mother of the Groom" ensemble of basic black. 

(Husband Giving Me the Raspberry)

Love conquers all, I thought, and maintained a steady course.  Obviously these people weren't as enthusiastic about our union as I had hoped, but I tried not to take it personally.  It would take many more variations on that theme before I fully realized my inherent unacceptability.  All that weighing of worth is entirely subjective criteria with humans, depending on what's impressive to them.  It isn't like birds, where bright plumage and a snappy trill would do the trick.  Had that been the case, I should  have "wow"ed them. 

In any case we endured the service and sped off on our Blue Ridge honeymoon in Husband's '51 Ford sedan, which still sits in the barn.  Alone at last.  The mountains were pretty and we were in love.  We came home via Appomatox Court House, where the South surrendered, and oddly where we ran into Mother-in-Law (she was coincidentally on a woman's club trek).    What are the chances, I thought, that so adept a damper should snuff out the sizzle of Love's free romp through the fields of Lee's defeat.  Check and checkmate, well done, worthy opponent.

All acrimony aside, all we have are memories now, so I should pretty them up I guess.  They were great people who helped our family learn how to live by example and who, though flawed, maintained a love of the higher life of the mind.  We still strive not to disappoint here on Waverly Lane.

(One of Our Magnolia Blossoms)


  1. Best wishes for your anniversary!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. ..."Happy Anniversary CBParents!" Here's wishing you both many more years of love, laughter and happiness! And don't forget, patience, perseverance and, oh, what the heck else is it...*thinking*...*thinking*...starts with a "w"... Oh! Wine! Lots o' wine! *giggle* ;o)

    ...Blessings :o)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for spending it at the soccer game when I couldn't clone myself to be two places at once.

  4. That's just beautiful! Hope this anniversary is happier than the last and not as happy as the next...

  5. Aren't we all just so flawed??? I love you, Eudora!

  6. What are the chances, I thought, that so adept a damper should snuff out the sizzle of Love's free romp through the fields of Lee's defeat. Check and checkmate, well done, worthy opponent.

    That's some real good writin' there, little lady. Loved it. Happy Anniversary to you.