Thursday, November 5, 2015


It has been a wild time on Waverly Lane this year.  Long existing as a placid repository of peace and well-being, our little island of ordinary acts and Stepford propriety has been unduly pounded by ill fate and misfortune.  I suppose our time was due if you have a math mind.

One strapping healthy neighbor had five by-passes.  Another long time friend and neighbor suddenly developed irrevocable heart problems and died.  A lady who lived among us for years died at age 99.  And then the insidious finger of fate chose our family.

Chesapeake Bay woman was hit head on driving on a winding
wooded road

She looked like this leaving the hospital
She will be okay

Her flowering bushes still bloomed

The dogwood turned red

And Christmas is clearly on the way

The accident was not her fault, but guilty or not everyone suffers when this happens.  We all just know that next year will be kinder, at least that is our hope.  

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  1. I am so sorry: I thought of all of you when I heard about the accident; your is such a closely knit family. Especially tough for a mom to see one of her children go through such injuries. The photo of her as she readied to leave the hospital shows someone very strong, great color in her face in spite of the ordeal. She posted that she is back at work already, such an amazing young lady !--LLC