Saturday, July 11, 2015


When Noah built the ark, he was given some warning and time to complete the task.  Here in my garden, we rejoiced with every rainfall and planted and planted.  We had no idea the blessing would be overdone with unpleasant outcomes.  What's the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!"

My make-shift water gauge, the garden wheelbarrow
shows how much water has fallen lately!

The garden has done it's best with beautiful promise, but sad production.  The beautiful green tomatoes (23 plants) exploded and rotted on the vine...a few made it and they were good.  I continue to hope there are better days for them ahead.  

Meanwhile the natural weeds and grasses are proliferating and expressing their abundant good health, I almost hate to pull them.

Just weeds on steroids.

Flowers are doing well and we learn which ones should come back next year.

Zinnias are proven in my garden and lure goldfinches and butterflies.

Because of the continuous rain, mosquitoes prevent me from harvesting the green beans.

Green beans wait for no man.

There is our average mosquito on my shoulder!

A sturdy pair of wooden clogs made in the Netherlands is the best
footwear for when the dikes of Heaven give way!

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