Monday, August 11, 2014


My computer had a virus and I was computerless for a while, now I am an older but wiser computer user.

Meanwhile here are a few pictures from our family vacation.

Chesapeake Bay Woman in crab regalia struts the strut.

They do the family thing, proof of family pics.

Proof of Grandaddy picture.

Much to his delight, they had "Pickers"
and the Weather Channel in Avon NC

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


  1. I guess that is sweat all over the front of me? Not as exciting as rum but probably more accurate.

    It was a great vacation, way too short and all but obliterated by the ensuing stress of returning to Life. I want to go back. Yesterday.

  2. We travel (3 hours) down to the Bay shore Gwynn, VA, from time to time. My spouse has been doing so for about 65 years (of our 70).

    1. Hope you enjoy all that Mathews has to offer. We wouldn't live anywhere else!