Friday, November 29, 2013


Husband struck out early to enter the competition for Christmas bargains known as Black Friday.  I wished him well and stayed home since I stopped Christmas shopping a few years ago.  It finally dawned on me that shopping had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.  Just because three wise men brought three gifts to Baby Jesus does not require the whole world to repeat the process annually.

When he returned he had purchased a saw at a $60.00 saving.  Husband is a compulsive coupon clipper and has a wallet exclusively for his wad of paper treasures.  My task is to keep a hawk eye on the register monitor and catch every "failure to enter" the promoted and displayed sale price.  And I am good.  Needless to say, the checkers remember me, even though none of the errors are their fault.

Below are items Husband got from Harbor Freight Tools at a savings of $18.48, paying only $2.61.  He was so excited he had to show me the receipt.

Behold a Pittsburgh Quickfind Tapemeasure
a plumber's brush
multipurpose scissors
and a 3.5" mini flashlight

He came home the other day with a laser-gun thermometer, which he uses to detect cold air entering the house.  What a guy.

I know you are all out there envying me, dreaming that you had a super shopper/dreamboat like mine.  Hang in there because surely there is one more out there somewhere.  Try Colorado.


When we were younger, but nevertheless thrifty


  1. Oh, I want one of those laser-gun thermometers. I keep telling my husband we have lots of cold air entering the house, but he doesn't believe me.
    HOWever, he is a great bargain-shopper. I guess I forgive him for it because he does all the grocery shopping, but he always buys too much. He buys 10 of something if he can get 100 airmiles, then he freezes 9 of the 10, and they sit in there until they're freezer-burned and inedible.
    For some reason, stores are advertising Black Friday here, even though our Thanksgiving was last month. We do have a day when lunatics line up in the frigid prairie winter waiting for the stores to open, and that's Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. Dick used to do that, but he's getting old. LOL
    Love the photo of you two in Colorado.
    Hugs, K

  2. Good grief. I can't believe he went shopping on Black Friday.

    I took that picture of you two on that Very Thrifty Camping Trip, which has been chronicled and should be turned into a movie.