Monday, April 23, 2012


Once upon a time there were three little sisters.  They lived in a beautiful kingdom beside the sea.  They were fair and fortunate and infinitely merry.  Everywhere they went there was the sound of laughter and joy.

The Three Little Sisters

When there were bad times, the youngest usually got the worst of the bad outcome.  There was the underground Radio Flyer wagon race, which ended badly when it clipped the corner of a basement bed inflicting a gash in the head of the youngest, who was then sewn up at the doctor.  Had we lived in Australia, she'd have been the one eaten by Dingo's.  But thankfully we didn't.  We lived in the beautiful kingdom beside the sea.

The Beautiful Kingdom Beside the Sea

Recently when leaving an outdoor band concert, the middle sister failed to see a parking stop, tripped and fell like a bowling pin into the youngest sister, who took the paved surface of the planet on with her chin.  Brutalized by gravity, the two got to their feet and headed homeward with the help of friends, who are still laughing at this moment.  

When the bruised and abraded sisters arrived home to the kingdom beside the sea, they nursed their injuries and felt back where they belonged:  with their whole family of infamous stunt people who fall almost every day.  We compared stories of falling down in restaurants, on dance floors, cruise ships and loading docks.  We compared painkillers and petroleum-based antibiotic ointments.  A good time was had by all.  


  1. LOL
    I feel very sorry about the injuries, but this is ever so funny because I can totally relate. The fall that comes to mind immediately was in Australia, running happily across a field, tripping on a tree root, and falling splat on my face. I haven't tried running since. It was 1982.

  2. Oh but you have your happily tripping across the Outback memories! All that life amounts to is memories and it sounds like you have made your mark.

  3. see that's why I love CBW and Little Sis (I've yet to meet Middle Sis but I am sure I'd love her too) I too am a klutz ..

  4. Having seen the wounds with my own eyes and heard the story with my own ears, I can honestly say that this Falling Down Episode takes the cake and wins the prize.

    Baby Sis texted me a photo of her chin after it happened....without any context. I thought it was a crime scene.

    Unrelated, I was wearing some white go go boots in that first photo. That + the dress = why was I smiling?

    Hope Baby Sis went to the doctor Monday. She was in agony.

  5. Now, wouldn't you think one of the girls would be destined to go into a Physical Therapy and Sports Injury career ?
    On another note--Gerald Ford would be proud of you all, and quite sympathetic. (Slapstick is so under-rated... and painful.)
    I love your way with words, W.O.W.

  6. Middle Sis went to MCV physical therapy for two years, did well, and gave it up to follow a boyfriend to Georgia, where she remains (without the boyfriend) GRRR. She majored in sports medicine in college, too. That doesn't really help anything. We still fall down.

    Gerald Ford and Betty are the only republicans I ever liked. Maybe it's because he was clumsy too.

    1. I do give Betty props for founding the substance abuse clinic and bringing a focus on breast cancer--two topics which had been taboo for discussion up to then. Gerald's machinations are coming to light and are anything but funny...but at least we had the 'slapstick entertainment' while he held office.
      Didn't know your daughter gave up the sports medicine track ...good to have some knowledge for After Care post- accident. -LLC

  7. Hey, if you can't laugh, what *can* you do??

  8. I don't do real well in the walking department either. I can swim like a fish, and can dance 'til the cows come home, but walk?...well let's see. When I was 5 I walked THROUGH a plate glass window at a department store. I have slamed into more parking meters and utility poles than I would care to count, oh and let's not forget slipping on the garden hose a few months ago. They didn't call me "Kapt. Klutz" at the marina for no reason.