Friday, June 10, 2011


On a morning when I was atypically still asleep at sunrise, husband woke me, drooling in deep sleep, by shouting - "Mumma, there's a possum out here who's sick!"  Since I panic when he calls me "Mumma," (It always means he's in desperate straits) I leaped from my four poster and ran downstairs in my gowntail to see a healthy older oppossum trying frantically to free himself from the garbage bag tie that had noosed around his privates and rendered him helpless, among other things.

After much sturm und drang, I got a pair of sissors and clipped the tie.  He still wouldn't move so I put a basket and cover over him to allow him time to recover.

Meanwhile, Husband had called Mathews Animal Control, which is manned by compassionate people who actually care about animals.  That is some definite progress in these parts.  I commend them with extreme praise.

On arrival, Mr. Horne (the Animal Control Officer) picked possum up by the tail, unraveled the plastic tie, and put him under a bush.  He headed for beneath our deck, with his poor testicles conspicuously hanging low, and prepared to return to normal or a little less.

We haven't seen him since, but Mr. Horne says he'll be fine but will probably be cured of his desire for sex.  I, for one, can live with that.  I left him a little food in case he gets hungry. 

And life resumes on Waverly Lane.


  1. I'm telling you..Hefty Cinch Sak takes on a whole new meaning.

    Mr. Horne could write a book himself on the goings on around here. Last time I saw him was when a horse was running down the middle of the road that leads to Haven Beach. Wasn't he also the one who helped us with the young bald eagle?

  2. sturm und drang... oh how I miss the German language and being smart.

    I have so many one liners and comments that I just don't feel I can leave on CBMumma's blog. But this is one more reason why I need to move to Deltaville/Mathews... this stuff just doesn't happen here!

  3. Only CBM can say "his poor testicles conspicuously hanging low"! I wont even mention I had to Google "sturm und drang"! Did you know that when an oppossum plays possum he actually goes into shock when particularly stressed. That would most likely happen to any male who got his "privates" caught in a garbage bag tie!

  4. I read about your possum post earlier, but life interferes, and it took me a while to get to the actual site.
    POOR possum. How painful that must have been for him. Lucky for him he picked your place in which to have his accident.
    Don't encourage Mr. Horne to write a book. It's harder than it looks, as you've probably heard at least once by now.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Have mercy! I know some folks who would benefit from a cinch or two....

  6. brings new meaning to the phrase..."Don't get your balls in an uproar!"

    I can't wait to life in the country!!!

  7. Looks like that little fella came to the right place. Good story ~