Saturday, May 7, 2011


    Mother gardened for pleasure.  Father planted vegetables while Mother grew and maintained a large strawberry patch of the "Red Rich" variety and flowers in the form of climbing roses, gladiolas, hollyhocks, verbena, four o'clocks and portulaca.

    Once I observed her creating new rose plants from cuttings.  I took careful note of the process and secretly took a cutting, planting it at the far end of Dad's garden, placing a rock over the base of the future rose plant.  By Mother's Day, it had taken hold and was gaining strength and growing out.

    As a nine year old, I had no money to buy presents, so I drew and colored a card and put a bow on the fledgling rose bush.  On Mother's Day, I told my mom I had a big surprise for her.  She followed me down to the garden and her surprise was genuine and touching. 

    Never again did I surpass the success of that particular present or fail to understand the power and awe of love and enthusiasm for life, transplanted from parent to child.

    Happy Mother's Day.


  1. I love this.

    You need to teach me how to plant a cutting, or perhaps I just need to spend more time observing you in your Garden of Eden that already is looking amazing.

    Happy Mother's Day - love you.

  2. You have the touch in your garden and the ability to touch hearts as well.

  3. Oh Maria, that makes me tear up a bit....I didn't know you were in here!

  4. That's the best mother's day post I've read in a long time ...

  5. What a wonderful story. I love it!
    CBW provided a link to your blog in hers, so I thought I'd drop by, as they say in the blogosphere.
    Your roses are beautiful. Your daughter is SO funny, her blog is such fun to read. Now, about that homemade pizza...
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. I love this, too! I'm just now reading it....wish I could have been there for Mother's Day. Love you so much!

    Middle Sis