Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Last Wednesday, our internet provider informed us he had numerous messages that our internet was out.  It was then I remembered turning off the power strip for the Christmas tree which also contained the plug-in for the internet thing-a-ma-jig.  He then asked us never to unplug it again.  Problem identified.

So that night as I got on my knees under the tree to specifically unplug the lights (not the power strip) I lost my balance, which is otherwise as precise as an atomic clock, and fell head-first into a small tilt table (which tilted graciously) slamming my head and left hip to the floor.  I went over like a top-heavy bowling pin, all the while thinking - this is just the sort of yule tide event that adds to the nostalgia of Christmas!

Husband was already nestled snug in bed with visions of the long run carrying oysters to Harrisonburg dancing in his head.  Therefore I hobbled off to bed to await the holidays with a throbbing hip.  Joy to the world.

Husband, finally home from his run, determined the solution to be a separate power strip for the tree lights.  Friday morning saw him on his back deep under the tree accomplishing that end.  Problem solved.  Then I heard him say, "I can't get up."  Problem #2 identified, to which there was only one solution, since all that was reachable were his feet.  When I checked behind me I realized I had to be the one to grasp him by the ankles and hobble backwards until his head cleared the tree.  He got up on his own.  Problem #2 solved.

Our family will all be together this year, and we wish all of you a happy loved-filled Christmas.

PS:  Show love to someone who needs it.


  1. Reminded me of last Christmas Eve. I was all set to indulge in some wine while watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and wrapping presents. The neck of the wine bottle exploded, I sliced open a finger on the glass and spent 30 minutes trying to stop the blood and debating on the merits of going to the ER on Christmas Eve. I ended up staying home, drinking soda and watching Jaws while I got Midge to wrap presents. Oh, the memories...

  2. Sorry to hear of your "misadventures". Hope everything is OK. I almost fell head first off my front porch one time. Very scary. I had visions of me lying in the front yard with a broken neck! But didn't.

    I'm so glad you will have all your family for Christmas this year.